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The largest and most successful companies in the world use Strategic Planning as a tool to plot their course, plan their growth, and execute success. Likewise, the most successful people in the world use the same tools of Strategic Planning in their personal lives, to plot their course and execute success. It truly does not happen by luck or by chance. Success takes planning. Strategic Planning.

Personal strategic planning is the tool you use to get from wherever you are to wherever you want to go. The difference between a person who uses personal strategic planning as a central part of his or her life and one who does not is like the difference between a person who rides a bicycle and a person who drives a car. Both will get you from point A to point B, but the car, personal strategic planning, will get you there much faster and easier.

Personal strategic planning is a systematic way of thinking and acting and is, therefore, learnable, like learning to type or drive a car. Many different elements make up this key skill but, with practice, you will get into the rhythm of thinking and acting strategically for the rest of your life. When you do, your life and career will take off like a rocket and your success will be assured.

The purpose of corporate strategic planning is to increase return on equity. Equity is defined as the actual amount of shareholder money invested and working in the enterprise. Personal strategic planning is very similar. However, instead of return on equity, personal strategic planning is aimed at increasing your return on energy. Put another way, it is to increase your return on life.

The equity in a business is measured in terms of financial capital. Your personal equity, on the other hand, is measured in terms of your own human capital. Your personal equity is composed of the mental, emotional and physical energies you have to invest in your career. Your goal should be to get the very highest return possible on the investment of yourself, in everything you do. How well you invest yourself determines your income.

You can tell that it is time to revisit your strategic plan when you are no longer getting the kind of results you want from your work or from your life. Whenever you feel frustrated or dissatisfied, for any reason, this is often an indication that you should sit down and ask yourself some good, hard questions. Whenever you experience resistance or stress, or find yourself working harder and harder only to feel that you are getting fewer and fewer rewards, you should stand back and consider revising your strategy.

Successful companies know what it is that they do well and they strive for perfection in those areas. We have all seen companies pour millions down the drain chasing products lines or businesses that they were not good at or did not fit well into their strategic plan. You are the same. Ask yourself what is it that I do well. Examine this, ask your friends, family, coworkers, as you see me what do you see as my strengths. Sometimes this is hard. We as a society are taught to recognize what our weaknesses are but rarely do we examine what our strengths are. Successful people do. And they reexamine this continuously. As the work changes, as their environment changes they Stop and Reassess.

As you work on what your strengths are consider asking yourself these vital questions.

1. Values: What are the values, virtues, qualities and traits that are most important to you in your business and career?

2. Vision: If your business and career were perfect five years from today, what would it look like?

3. Mission: Based on your values and vision, specifically how do you achieve your vision?

4. Purpose: Every truly successful person has an overarching purpose to his business or career-a genuine desire to serve others through his business. What is the purpose of your business and career?

5. Goals: What specific goals must you achieve in order to fulfill your ideal future vision in your business and career?

6. Knowledge and Skills: In what areas will you have to excel in the future in order to achieve your goals and fulfill your vision?

7. Habits: What specific habits of thought and action will you need to become the person who is capable of achieving the goals that you have set for yourself?

8. Daily Activities: What specific activities will you have to engage in each day to assure that you become the person you want to become and achieve the goals you want to achieve?

The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life. The better questions you ask of yourself, the better answers you will elicit. As you improve the quality of your thinking, the quality of everything that you do improves at the same time. Since there is really no limit to how much you can improve the quality of your thinking, there is no real limit to how much you can improve your life.

The Law of Correspondence says that your outer world will always be a reflection of your inner world. To change anything in your outer world, you must begin by changing what is going on in your inner world. The greater clarity you have with regard to who you are, what you want, and what you have to do to get there, the faster you will progress.

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