As a coach, I work with people from various walks of life. All have a multitude of different experiences they can draw on to help them become successful. All are successful in one way or another. One of the most common things I hear from everyone however is “how can I get more done?” “If only there were more hours in the day.” Unfortunately, there are only 86,400 seconds in each day and no matter what you do there will never be any more. You cannot create more time, you can only allocate it differently. There are many different techniques to help you allocate your time differently and become more effective. I am going to discuss a few here that are by far the most powerful and effective. Start doing these 5 immediately. Do them for 21 days. Don’t skip. After 21 days, you should start to see positive results. The steps you are taking will also start to become habit. I would love to hear from you after 21 days to see how you are doing. Don’t be bashful, reach out to me.

  1. Develop Clear Written Goals. Look at 4 parts of your life. Financial, Business, Fitness, Relationships. On a scale of 1-10 think about where you are now. Then on the same scale think about where you want to get to. That is your your goal. Write it down. SMART Specific, Measurable, Aligned with your Values, Realistic, Time Bounded. The clearer you are in this step about what your goals are the more you will get done, and the faster your will achieve them.

  1. Clear, Written Plans of Action. Once you have your goals defined you need action plans to achieve them. Get your pen and paper. Better yet grab a journal. Keep it with you. Start writing ALL the things you must do to achieve your goal. Keep working on that list. You are looking to get 20 things down on paper that will help you achieve that goal. The very act of writing this down help bring you clarity. This clarity will help you increase your productivity by as much as 25% Always think on paper, working from that list helps you internalize it and helps you track your progress and achievements.

  1. Set Priorities. As you review your list start ranking each task with a value. Tackle the high value tasks first. You can determine the importance of a task, by the consequences of doing it or not doing it. If there are serious consequences from not completing a task its most likely very important and you better get it done.

  1. Concentrate Single-Mindedly. Forget about the myth called “multitasking” It is inefficient and over the course of a day switching back and forth between tasks robs you of precious seconds. Multiplied over the course of a week, month, year the amount of time wasted by switching back and forth between tasks is staggering. When you concentrate single-mindedly you complete tasks much faster, and with fewer errors.

  1. Balance Longer Hours with Time Off. Our bodies and brains need time to decompress. Work hard, figure out ways to spend a little more time at work. Come in a ½ hour earlier, leave a ½ hour later, these are times when fewer people are at work and you will have less distractions. Work through breaks. At the end of the week you have put in extra time, and hopefully accomplished much more. Now do not apologize for your time off. Decompress, regenerate your mind and body. When this becomes a habit, start enjoying an extra day here or there. Regular breaks from work help you to stay more productive while you are at work. Work hard while you are at work, and do not apologize for you time off. Enjoy it and use it to help you stay productive at work.

Try the above for 21 days. Let me know how it goes. I would love to hear from you.

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